NanoFEED project aims to develop intersectoral cooperation to deliver novel fodder (feed mixture, feed supplements) based on nano- and microencapsulation techniques for the controlled release of nutrients solving nutritional deficiencies of cattle, while preventing and reducing diseases and boosting their immunity.

our objectives

The key objective of NanoFEED project is the development of drug delivery systems (nano and microparticle-based feed supplements) to cure dietary disorders of cattle. The project focuses on the encapsulation of bio-based food additives (vitamins, proteins) to prevent their metabolism in the rumen and efficient release in abomasum or small intestine. The innovation is based on the encapsulation of feed supplements into polymeric coaxial nano and microparticles with the core/shell structure, which allows the retention of biological activity of transferred substances and their release in the small intestine.

Our approach

NanoFEED network will achieve its scientific goal by performing dedicated activities boosting knowledge transfer and formation of new ideas across participants. The project is performed under MSCA RISE scheme enabling short term exchanges of research staff. The project is focused on this set of activities: 

  • Networking activities
  • Research and training secondments
  • Workshops at universities
  • Workshops at industrial partners
  • Dissemination activities

NanoFEED receives funding from the European Union’s H2020 program under Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 778098